This is exciting!

According to new moms,

some of the most enjoyable activities during pregnancy were…

discovering new, cute and tiny baby clothes. Sorting through them. Envisioning how they would look. Picking the ones they really like for the time, when their baby is born.

Understandably so, wouldn’t you say?  😉


Maybe it’s to early now, while you read this.


But it’s satisfying to be prepared ahead of time. It will make your pregnancy a totally different experience, which is our goal at Weekly Baby.

A baby registry is a free tool that will help you create a list & organize real products such as…

baby clothes, bottles, pacifiers, nursing pillows and all the must-haves that your baby will need, once born.

It helps even more if you decide to create a baby shower, where guests can have exclusive access to the list and bring you gifts that you really need.

Imagine going to the hospital giving birth to your child and stressing around the one thing you forgot to get for your baby.

A baby registry will keep you stress free. Use it!

There are many baby registry’s on the market with different benefits. So which one is best?
We compared the top ones from BabyRUs, BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, Pottery Barnand and Target.
Furthermore, we consulted with new moms on their personal experiences to really find the best.


And the winner is:

1# Baby Registry by Amazon

7 reasons why:

1. Instant & Easy to Use 
Amazon’s baby registry is Mobile supported. If you are outside or in a store and you remember or notice a product you like… (which happens often), simply grab your phone and add it to your list. As simple as that! Unlike other registries, there is no need for you to take notes or try to remember it until you come home.

2. It’s a Universal Baby Registry – Pick Things From any Store
With this baby registry you are not locked to one store. There is no need for you to register in many places. If you find cute onzies listed in another store, you can add them to your registry as well. No more messy coordinations between different lists, sign-ups and so on. This comes especially convenient if you plan to have a baby shower.

3. Largest Selection
Over 270,000 baby items and by far the biggest selection on the market. All in one place and easy to access.

4. Simple 90 Day Returns
In case you receive the same present twice or there is things you don’t need, simply return them. You have 90 days to do so.

5. Completion Discount of 10% – 15% If You Are a Prime Member
Do you still need some things that remained on your registry after your baby shower? You can get them with a discount of 10%. 15% if you are an Amazon prime member.

6. Everyone Uses Amazon – It’s Easier for Your Gusets Too
Amazon is a powerhouse. Your guests have most likely used Amazon in the past. They know it and understand it. It makes it easier for them too!

7. Exceptional Customer Service
New moms using Amazon had great customer support experiences. When organizing a baby shower there will almost always be things that go wrong. Amazon’s support is exceptional and will sort things out for you and your guests.


Now that you know this…

What do badass-moms do?

They take action ! ?

STEP 1: Click [HERE] and sign up.
STEP 2: Add a “Baby Bottle” to your registry, so you get used to it.

You just got your “mommy game” on point!

Don’t procrastinate, it takes 30 seconds. Do it while it’s hot on your mind.
Next time you will come across something cute, You are registry ready:)

Later down the road, we will post Whispers about Baby registry essential items and a checklist – just in case you missed something.
Also upcoming, a whisper with the perfect strategy for a successful baby shower. This will be very useful if you decide to create one.

With ❤ Weekly Baby